Resume Infographic for Marketing Students

Marketing infographicHow can a resume infographic transform a marketing student into the ideal candidate?

As a soon to be Marketing graduate from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, job hunting has become an overwhelming daily task of mine. Researching different career positions is incredible. I find several that I meet the requirements for and that match with my career and creative interests. All is good and well until the application; the standard questions that every single applicant will fill out for this position. Then comes the big question…how do I stand out from the hundreds of other applicants that have very similar educational experiences?


The solution to this question came to me while I was studying Digital Marketing at UW Oshkosh College of Business with instructor and consultant, Kathy Fredrickson. I designed a resume infographic that outlined my skills and experiences in a more visually appealing manner. My personal resume infographic incorporates company logos, and symbols to drive home my highlighted work history and top skills. Job Cluster, an online marketplace for career seekers,  provided me with some great tips for making a strong resume even before the infographic design process began. One big take away that really emulated with me while creating the design was “the last chance section” that Job Cluster references. Job Cluster suggests this section to offer the last top details that will make the employer want you. I put a bit of a marketing twist on it and turned this into my call to action. Every marketer knows that great advertising has a call to action, and resumes do not typically have those. I thought this was a great opportunity to be creative with design, ask for an interview, and integrate what I have learned about marketing into my first job…marketing myself as the ideal candidate to employers.


I am absolutely intrigued by marketing and how it sneaks its way into my personal life so frequently. The process of designing this resume infographic and tailoring it to different company brands just shows how something as “standard” as a resume can and even should be taken to the next level. Share with Kathy and I how you and/or your business strive to stand out in this competitive industry.