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Reflecting on the Impact of a Liberal Arts Minor

I was eighteen and beginning my collegiate journey as a business major and a theatre minor. Making this choice for my degree was a result of sage advice from my parents. I… Read More

Your College Education During #COVID-19

After a few days working on taking my digital marketing courses to an online format, a thought entered my mind that added an additional layer of apprehension. Did anyone withdraw from the… Read More

#TitanPride: A Tribute to 101 Marketing Students

It is fourteen days until the courses wrap up at UW Oshkosh College of Business for the spring 2018 semester and it feels like a mad dash to the finish. Students are… Read More

Marketing Infographic

Resume Infographic for Marketing Students

How can a resume infographic transform a marketing student into the ideal candidate? As a soon to be Marketing graduate from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, job hunting has become an overwhelming… Read More

logo design and non-profit marketing

Talent in Advertising: Critical and Discovered Early

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and host of the Ask Gary Vee show, has an opinion about talent. He says, “Talent is a dramatically important part of the equation (to success). It’s not just… Read More

Students experience the importance of marketing strategy.

Creating Campaigns for Family-Owned Businesses

I’m a firm believer that a lot can be accomplished in just three weeks, even a professionally produced integrated marketing campaign. That is why I enjoy teaching interim advertising courses that help… Read More

Adjunct Teachers Focus on Real-World Projects

Professionals have many reasons for going back to school, mostly centered on career goals and increased earning potential prospects. I spent four years taking evening courses to earn my Masters of Business… Read More

Women in Technology: Pathway to Grow Careers

Last fall while discussing daily business matters, a woman I’ve known for over twenty years made a declaration: “We are going to start a women in technology group. WIT!” Her announcement was… Read More

Advertising Activities for Youth Using Real Products

When I embarked on my tenth year of teaching as an adjunct professor at UW Oshkosh, my daughter was in second grade. While describing the course I was involved with at the… Read More