Privacy Statement

Imark Consulting offers site visitors the opportunity to contact us via our Contact form.

  1. The information collected includes: name, e-mail address and any volunteered information shared via the form on our Contact page.
  2. The information we collect on this website is used for the purpose of contacting the people who request it. This information is private and never sold or shared.
  3. The information collected is not used to send newsletters or other marketing material unless Imark Consulting requests this privilege and is given permission by the individual.
  4. If an information requester feels there has been a violation of the privacy policies and procedures mentioned above, please submit an email to us using the Contact form and include the phrase “Privacy Question” in the Subject line.
  5. The privacy statements made on this page are subject to change without notice. If you wish to know more about digital privacy in your own state, contact the National Conference of State Legislatures.